Bicycle Fitting Services

A professional bicycle fit is one of the most effective ways to improve your cycling experience, whatever your level or style of riding. Hilltop offers bicycle fit services for any rider, whether you are a Pro-level athlete looking too gain a competitive edge, or someone just getting into cycling.

To be able to provide you with personal attention and give you the best possible bicycle fitting experience all fits are done by appointment only. All prices listed are for labor and do not include any parts that may be required.


Seat Height Fit...........$25.00

Cleat Alignment..........$15.00

Basic Fit................$75.00
A Basic Fit will give you all the comfort and performance you need on the bike. If you already have a bike and are experiencing discomfort, or if you have simply never had the bike fit to you, then our basic fit is perfect for you. Includes adjustment of saddle height and fore/aft alignment, knee and hip alignment, handlebar height and reach check, stem length and position, & cleat alignment. We will also check for any other comfort issues.
Time: Approx. 30-45 min.

Pro Fit..............$175.00
Our Pro fit is perfect for people who want to advance their riding to the next level. If you want your fit do be fine-tuned, this is the fit for you. The Pro Fit includes everything in the Basic Fit, plus: full interview, power output & heart rate analysis, analysis of body and limb discrepancies, measuring & replacement of contact point components (saddle, handlebar, pedal and stance width), & up to five free check-ups and re-adjustments within 60 days.
Time: Approx. 2-3 hrs.